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Counseling Services for Couples in St. Louis

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • It’s 3 o clock in the morning and you’re staring at the ceiling freaking out about how the relationship will change once you all take it to the next level.
  • You have found yourself sitting amidst a pile of insurance papers frustrated with your partner’s lack of interest in future planning for your family
  • You’re rolling your eyes so hard they hurt while listening to your bestie or mother offer unsolicited advice yet again about your relationship
  • The knot in your stomach leads you to breakout in hot flashes, a cold sweat, then silence because you know you need to tell your partner that one really important before the relationship goes any further.

If so, Couples Counseling Can Help.


Counseling therapy sessions are the perfect place to explore the meaning of your life experiences more deeply. You will have space to scale back and take into account the expanse of your life (past, present, future) and plot the points that positively and negatively activate you. From there we will unpack experiences you believe hinder you from feeling the blessings of joy and peace. Our counseling techniques will gift you deeper connections with your family, better psychological positioning to attract your perfect mate, and more.

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justhealing 360

JustHealing 360 is group counseling structure offered throughout the St. Louis region.  These are sanctuaries where you along with 5-7 other couples gather to affirm and challenge one another with mutuality and love. Group counseling is led by a therapist with specialized training in group facilitation and conflict management. Groups are designed to honor difference while building community within and across affinity groups. Each counseling group is created around a specific topic.

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Here Are Some Of The Areas I Can Help You With:

Hey there! Camielle Joy here.

I help couples with counseling services here in St. Louis. If you desire a secure, peaceful relationship, working together could help you start enjoying love again.

As a counseling therapist with over 5 years of experience, I am equipped with a full set of therapeutic tools that will help any couple not only survive, but thrive. Positivity, persistence, and play makes it possible for you both to proclaim “we enjoy our love and care for just us.”

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