For betrayed and lovelorn women who are ready to enjoy love without becoming a she-ra man hater.

Some women find themselves in a relationship that seems out of sync with the rest of their lives. The constant conflict between you and your partner has you feeling discontent, disoriented, and just dissed.

SWEET DAWN is an affair recovery space for you to move from hurt filled cynicism to hope filled connection:

Together we will…

Release the weight of isolation while building a supportive community of women who want to see you win in love and life.

Expose the hidden and destructive stories that misguide your actions and ideas about love and relationships.

Explore the hits and misses of the most popular “relationship experts”

Master healthy relationship skills that will actually make the relationship you dream of possible.

Hey There. Camielle Joy here!

I help lovers move from confusion to clarity; from cold feet to happy feet. And for the folx whose love life is already good, I help them get even better. With my services, they develop passionate, playful, and purposeful love that is better than good. They become great. Great lovers, great parents, great friends who vibrantly celebrate and truly enjoy their love. 


Who do you know that is ready to craft a love of their own?