Individual Counseling

You love your partner. You are wild about your kids. They are beautiful souls that add so much to your life. You want the absolute best for them and bust your ass trying to give them as much of the world possible. But the world is big and wide and deep. Sometimes, giving your all means there’s nothing left in your tank. You get that it’s okay to be irritated with the kids bickering or whining. That comes with the territory. But, this is different. Instead of responding as your usual snarky or witty self, you just. don’t. care.

Burnout goes beyond the occasional bad day.

Burnout is when you have straight up fallen apart. This is mental exhaustion. All of life’s little irritants have accumulated as stress plaque on your soul. Now, there’s too little room to let any joy in or out.

Symptoms of burnout include:

  • Exhaustion

  • Alienation

  • Poor Performance

Now even though burnout feels horrible on the inside, it can be overlooked by others. It is possible to suffer burnout while still tending to your responsibilities. Depending on your personality, that ever glowing mega-watt smile may break forth from time to time, but you know that it’s not nearly as bright as it could be. Inside you feel like your constantly coming up short in your family role and are too checked out physically and/or emotionally to change.

Burnout is when you show up opposite of yourself.

  • If you are the type to give your partner the silent treatment and now your voice is hoarse from all the screaming you’ve done, it’s time to click the button below.
  • If you love the lively car rides you take with the kids around town on the way to soccer, gymnastics, basketball, or concert choir and now it’s going on weeks since you’ve taken them anywhere to do anything… it’s time to click on down, click on down below like Dorothy in the Wiz. 
  • If you get giddy at meal planning time concocting fun, new recipes for the family to try and you’ve had nothing but fast food this whole month, it’s time to clickity, click, click. 

Burnout a classic case of good stress gone bad.

It doesn’t mean that your actions are misaligned with your values. As a matter of fact, it may be your understanding and passion to partake in phenomenally okay relationships that leads you to burn both ends of the wick! Burnout happens when good stress breaks the point of diminishing returns and you lack the social support to return to your happy, healthy place.

Fret no more. Help is on the way.

Together, we can move you from burnout to stand out with personalized therapeutic treatments. After we assess which coping strategies have carried you to your breaking point, we will organize a plan to help get you back to peak personhood.

Through our work together addressing burnout, you may experience: 

  • Better sleep 

  • Increased energy 

  • More supportive relationships 

  • Decreased irritability 

  • Increased productivity 

Above all, it is my deepest and most sincere hope that treating your burnout will leave you equipped with the tools needed for you to start enjoying love again.