We make self care selfless.


Care for Justus is designed to empower individuals, families, and groups to embody wholeness and embrace human dignity through counseling, wellness, and social justice services.

This means each service we provide is designed to:

  • provide you with experiences that are exemplary. We possess a posture of servant leadership. Care for Justus means we take care in every interaction between us. We are here to show you how much we value you as our client. Our ability to share our expertise only goes as far as you allow us. You can always count on our gratitude.
  • build in the principle of Ubuntu. Our services create space for you to become open, affirming, and available to others without feeling threatened. We make room for you to feel self-assured in your kinship with humanity knowing what is harmful to one is harmful to us all. It is through this understanding of connectedness that we make self care selfless. Ultimately, what is healing to one is healing for all of us.
  • model excellence in stewardship. We recognize the better we care for our employees, space, and community, the better we are able to care for you as our clients. From our living wages to our social entrepreneurial model, we intend to show that it is possible to make business ends meet and be contributors to the greater society in a meaningful way.
  • grow your emotional intelligence quotient. Our services are placed to increase your knowledge and awareness about mental health and wellness factors that impact you, your family, and community. By the end of our time together,  you should posses practical skills that you can use not only today, but for the rest of your life. We exist to change your attitude towards self care.