Hey There!
Thanks so much for coming by.

First, allow me to introduce myself… some call me Camielle. Others call me Joy. Either way, I’m a licensed professional counselor (LPC), but you might also call me a worrywart remover, a relationship goal setter, or a bridezilla whisperer.

I am second generation St. Louis family and couples counseling therapist with a penchant for social justice and a deep and abiding love for both my hometown, St. Louis, and my craft, relationship therapy. I ❤ couples counseling like I love fruit punch Vess, a half order of ham fried rice, and a Shrimp St. Paul. I ❤ couples counseling like you ❤ the Cardinals. I ❤  relationship counseling like we both love Forest Park … the St. Louis Zoo,  Art Museum, and History Museum… Yaaassss!!! Therefore, you can trust that I will be here for you. Please understand that it is from that lineage and love that I be who I be and do what I do.

How Did We Even Get Here?

I help couples and families who want pleasurable relationships they can call their own, but feel pressured to keep up with the Jones. The photos of fabulously filtered families have saturated your Facebook feed. One too many times you’ve found yourself more crying than laughing at a meme that hit too close to home. Maybe it’s the Superstar Students. Perhaps it’s the partner who always know the right thing to say. I get it. The expectation for everything in your relationships to be picture perfect is high. It can be isolating and and confusing when you can’t see that other folk’s stuff stank. Fear of failure can zap the life and joy out of your love.

I embolden couples and families to remember their special path towards peace, love, and joy. We work together to sift through your feelings of frustration, fatigue, and fury so that you can start enjoying love again. At any point in your relationship, ask yourself this…

How Can This Relationship Get Any Better?

From working with so many powerful couples and families, as well as my own personal journey these are things that I know for sure:

• Freedom from perfectionism breeds excellence.
• We are more than the labels assigned to us.
• We deserve full authority over all aspects of our lives.
• We have nothing to lose, but our chains.

It would be a blessing and pleasure to help you move mountains (or mole hills) in your pursuit of enjoying love and life again and again.

5 Books That Inspire Me to Live A Loving & Liberated Life

Sisters of the Yam
bell hooks
The Alchemist
paulo coelho
The 5 Love Languages 
gary chapman
Mating in Captivity
esther perel
Peace from the Broken Pieces
iyanla vanzant

Love Will Find A Way

I believe self-authorship, holistic self-care, affirming and courageous couples and their families will change the world!  Why wait?